Happy Father’s Day Dorrell!

I want to dedicate this blog to my amazing husband. When I was single and choosing my husband, It was so hard to know what I really "needed" in a husband. Mostly, I was looking for a man of character, someone who loved Jesus, worked hard, cherished me and someone who I had fun with. [...]


The Failure of a Father: King David’s Shallow Version of Reconciliation

I recently finished a book entitled, "A Tale of three Kings: A Study in Brokenness." It's a short and fascinating read that was written to help brokenhearted Christians heal from the pain of authoritarian groups and individuals. These confused and bitter Christians desperately seek some solace and peace from the confusion and bitterness that they [...]


Last week I preached a message entitled, Conformity is the Death of Originality. The Bible warns us against copying the behaviors and customs of the world (conformity). I argued that because of our current culture’s fascination with personal authenticity (everyone being fully themselves) most people end up copying one another in the quest for true originality. [...]