America Needs New Martin Luther Kings

I’m convinced. America, now more than ever, needs new Martin Luther Kings. Men and women who boldly take up the prophetic mantle and speak truth to power. America needs new prophets who evoke a consciousness that is alternative to the dominant ethos of today. America needs radical revolutionaries that, like Dr. King, dare to dream, [...]


My Thoughts on How We Can Be a Part of the Solution to Racism in America

It was eerie to wake up and see Baton Rouge in the national spotlight yesterday, making headlines on all the major news outlets and trending as the number one topic on Twitter. The story? Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old black man, was fatally shot at point-blank range by two Baton Rouge police officers. I was going [...]

The American Strongman: Why Trump’s Candidacy Resonates with Voters

In my last blog, "Will Trump Ruin the Republican Party, I started off with acknowledging Trump’s meteoric political rise. After I wrote that, I started to think about the origins of his candidacy and why he's performing so well with such a sizable portion of the American electorate. At one time, there were seventeen candidates [...]