Happy Father’s Day Dorrell!

I want to dedicate this blog to my amazing husband. When I was single and choosing my husband, It was so hard to know what I really “needed” in a husband. Mostly, I was looking for a man of character, someone who loved Jesus, worked hard, cherished me and someone who I had fun with. I honestly wasn’t thinking much about what kind of father he would be.

Now fast forward to having three children with this amazing man I chose. Walking through many of life’s ups and downs, big decisions that direct the course of our lives and several health issues including losing 3 babies (and almost my life).

This man has been steadfast. He works hard, leads our family to honor Jesus. He continues to direct us (me) down the path of biblical thinking and doing the “right” thing. I’ve been amazed as I’ve watched him overcome hard situations and stay the course. Not allowing his heart to become bitter, afraid or cynical.

He sets the tone for our home. He comes home every day with joy, energy and focus. He honors our “no phone zone” from dinner time to bedtime to focus on our children and me and to make sure he is “present” during that time. This is such a blessing to us!! It helps us know we are valued and important.

Dorrell loves being with us. He loves taking us on adventures. He loves connecting with us. I’m thankful that he has a great awareness of when his schedule gets too busy and he needs to make time for us.

He constantly pursues me by making it a priority to connect even with three little ones running around, a full time job and school. He comes home and shares how his day was and let’s me know about what he’s thinking and feeling. I’m thankful he finds the energy to do this after his long days.

He loves to plan surprise dates, including arranging a babysitter which makes me feel so loved and cherished. I love that he is a man that always has a plan!!

He helps with disciplining our children and teaching them the importance of our values and respect.

Dorrell is quick to forgive and find ways to adjust if he sees a “gap” or any tension in our marriage.

Dorrell is so gracious to me and in the areas that I need to grow in. He continually communicates how grateful he is for the things I do to take care of our home and family. It really does mean a lot to me that he appreciates what I do for the family.

Many of you know he is finishing up his doctorate at Duke which means over the last few years he has had to get up early before work or work on school after our kids are in bed. He has worked hard to get to where he is but not at our expense. He’s continued to push himself to work hard in ways that it doesn’t take away from us or his job. I’m proud of him for his discipline and focus in this area.

I love that he desires to become a better man through his walk with Jesus, education, physically and as a husband and father.

There’s so much more I could say but I just wanted to take the opportunity to brag on my man. 😉

Happy Father’s Day Dorrell! You really are my HERO and the best hubby and daddy we could ask for. We are so thankful for all you do for us and for everything you bring to our family. We are so grateful for you and very proud of you!!

Love always,

Your biggest fans

Tracy, Luke, Noah and Amelia


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